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Cosmetic Dentistry services offered in Hawthorne, CA

Cosmetic dentistry helps you get a beautiful smile that you can’t wait to show off. At the office of Dr. Michael Hoang, DMD in Hawthorne, California, Dr. Hoang and his team use the highest quality dental materials to provide you with the best cosmetic results. Call the office today or use this website to set up your consultation online. Get started on that stunning new smile right away.

Cosmetic Dentistry Q & A

Which cosmetic dentistry treatments are available?

Dr. Hoang and his team are committed to getting you a smile that you can be proud of. Their cosmetic dentistry procedures correct discoloration, cracks, chips, and uneven shapes in your teeth.

Treatments include:

Porcelain veneers

These thin sheets of porcelain fit over the fronts of your teeth to correct problems like misshapen teeth, discoloration, and uneven sizes. Veneers can also improve the look of mild gaps and misalignments.

Teeth whitening

Dr. Hoang uses the Philips Zoom! teeth whitening program to provide you with a brilliant smile. Teeth whitening with Zoom! fixes discoloration caused by aging, diet, and tobacco use. You achieve a smile that’s many shades lighter in just one visit.

Cosmetic fillings

Cosmetic fillings blend in with your smile while protecting and improving your oral health. They’re an excellent alternative to metal fillings.

Crowns and bridges

Crowns are durable, tooth-colored, porcelain restorations that cover damaged, discolored or vulnerable teeth. Porcelain crowns can be used to replace discolored old fillings or discolored teeth to brighten your smile. Bridges use crowns to fill areas where missing teeth have left gaps in your smile.

Do I really need cosmetic dentistry procedures?

While cosmetic dentistry procedures aren’t always medically required, they can be life-changing when it comes to your self-esteem and confidence. Some cosmetic procedures are also functionally necessary for chewing and speaking.

Crowns, bridges, and fillings also help you maintain good oral hygiene and avoid further complications.

What happens during a cosmetic dentistry consultation?

During a cosmetic dentistry consultation, Dr. Hoang offers a tailored treatment plan to meet your smile goals. He’ll go over the process involved with each procedure. He’ll also strive to make your smile blend naturally into your look. Dr. Hoang considers your:

  • Teeth alignment, size, and color
  • Gum size and shape
  • Skin and hair coloring
  • Facial shape and appearance

Dr. Hoang could recommend one or more procedures, depending on the extent of your cosmetic needs. The practice uses only the highest quality materials to restore your smile.

Get a smile that makes you feel confident. Call the office of Dr. Michael Hoang, DMD to set up an appointment or use this website to reach out to the friendly staff online.