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Fillings services offered in Los Angeles, Hawthorne, CA

Fillings are the go-to solution for cavities; they stop decay and help you keep your teeth intact. At the office of Dr. Michael Hoang, DMD in Hawthorne, California, Dr. Hoang and his team use the highest quality materials to make fillings comfortable and discrete. Call today or use the online tool to schedule your oral evaluation to learn if you have cavities that need filling.

Fillings Q & A

Why would I need a filling?

Dental fillings treat tooth decay (cavities). They’re an early intervention that prevents more severe tooth damage, ultimately leading to nerve damage. If decay sets in, your teeth could require more complex and invasive treatment, including root canal therapy or extraction.

Fillings can also fix chipped and broken teeth. The team at Dr. Micheal Hoang DMD uses high-end dental resins that match the natural color of your teeth. This means that fillings are virtually invisible when you smile.

What should I expect during a dental filling appointment?

A dental filling appointment lasts about an hour. During the visit, Dr. Hoang takes any necessary X-rays and uses lidocaine to numb the treatment area to prevent any pain during the procedure.

He uses a hand-held drill to remove the decayed area of your tooth. After your tooth has been prepared, Dr. Hoang applies the filling material. He uses a special light to harden and strengthen the filling.

He’ll then refine your bite so that the filled tooth fits right back into your natural smile.

Why should I get dental fillings if the tooth doesn’t hurt?

Cavities, especially in their early stages, aren’t always painful. If Dr. Hoang finds a cavity during your routine check-up, it needs to be filled. No amount of brushing and flossing can stop the decay from getting worse.

When left untreated, cavities will continue to break down your tooth, and repair will be more extensive and costly. Small cavities eventually get bigger, cause pain, and require an extraction (the tooth must be pulled).

Are dental fillings permanent?

Dental fillings can last many years, but are still susceptible to decay if proper oral hygiene and dieting is not followed Because they’re subject to wear-and-tear, it is possible that fillings may need to be periodically touched up..

Patients who clench or grind their teeth wear out their fillings faster.

Teeth with worn-out fillings are at risk of decay, especially when food particles get stuck under the filling and create the bacteria that break down your teeth. Dr. Hoang will probably recommend that your older fillings be replaced if he notices that they are weak.

To get the fillings, contact the office of Dr. Michael Hoang, DMD. Call today or use this website to set up your appointment online.